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Frequently Asked Questions (5)

 If you can't find the answer you're looking for here please use the contact form and i'll be very glad to help.

How do I licence your existing music?

It's easy to licence my music. Just use the contact form and let me know what piece of music you would like to licence and for what purpose it is for (e.g. film, advert, TV, viral campaign, website, etc) and I will respond with a price.

How much does a music commission cost?

Music commissions are individually priced as each piece of music can take different amounts of time to compose and produce. For example, one piece might be a 15 second jingle for an advert, another piece might be a 5 minute fully orchestrated track for a film, and in some cases it could be a full 20 track soundtrack for your game. Please just use the contact form stating your requirements and I'll be able to give you an estimate of much your track will cost.

Can you compose music to fit to my Film?

Yes. If you've already made your film and you would like music composed to fit your film cut - that's no  problem, I have all the tools to enable me to compose music that will synchronise perfectly with your film cut.

Are there any age restrictions on music lessons?

There are no limits at all on the age you can start to learn an instrument. I have students from child to adult.

We're working on a game and need music and sound effects. Can you work with us?

Yes. We will work together to ensure the music and sound effects fit the theme and style of your game. Concept art or videos can go a long way, arranging a meeting is also possible for larger projects.

Commission Music

Commissioning music is easy. You provide details of the type of music you would like (mood, track length, genre, etc), and i'll produce a track that meets your needs.

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Music Lessons

If you would like guitar or drum lessons in Codsall, West Midlands, UK, please contact me using the contact form. Rates are very reasonable.

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Purchase Music

If you would like to purchase or licence any of my existing tracks please contact me using the contact form.


Music Support

If you are a band or lyricist looking for professional musician support, I am very happy to collaborate with others on their music projects.

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